Who has heard of ” IT WORKS” or those “crazy wrap things”??

Those two things mean MONEY my friends. Those crazy wrap things which are actually called the ultimate body applicator is a botanically infused cloth that tightens, tones, firms any part of your body and reduces the appearence of cellulite 😮

It works is a work from home company that allows you to sell AMAZING all natural health,weightloss,wellness and beauty products !!

So where am I going with this you ask ? Okay so from my previous blog posts If you read Them it basically explains that I’m a distributor for IT works and to be a stay at home mom is my Dream and well. .. It works is making it happen and I am SOOOO EXCITED !!

What’s different about this networking company then the others you ask? Well first of all our products are all natural and Amazing.  You are NOT required to have any inventory on you, your pay checks are not product credit, you can out earn your upline and bonuses
are given Every day bY our fantastic CEO! !! Not only that but he has DOUBLED our bonuses !! Aaaahhh

I am Sooo passionate about these products and this company and I just love sharing it !!!

If your interested in checking out the products , starting a weightloss challenge , being healthier , have better healthier looking hair and skin OR you just want to join the team and earn yourself a $1000 bonus then check out my website and please contact me 🙂



The guilt every parent feels…

How many of my mommy friends out there feel insanely guilty every day for having to work fulltime and feeling like daycare is raising our children?

I feel like I’m always working and by the time I pick my daughter up there is little time for play because dinner has to be made, baths have to be given, jammies on teeth brushed and then look at that its just about bed time.. Every day I go to bed feeling like I barley got to see my child and it devastates me.

I always think to myself, we only have one life and I’m wasting it working every waking hour when all I want to be doing is spending time with my darling little girl. We were not put on this earth to work, spend little time with our kids and then die. RIGHT?? But then we have to think.. when we have children we HAVE to support them that is OUR responsibility is to make sure they’re well fed, well dressed and have a roof over their heads. But we also cant forget the most IMPORTANT ingredient of proper parenting and that’s giving our babies all the LOVE and ATTENTION we can give ❤

I have a side job that I work through my phone selling health, wellness and beauty products that are ABSOLUTELY amazing !!! And that my friends is my ticket to being the stay at home mom I WANT and NEED to be ! I’m that crazy wrap lady who’s going to make it to the top for my baby ❤

So SIDE NOTE: If you ever want to grow out your hair, loose weight, tighten and tone your body , or cleanse all the toxins from your body with ALL NATURAL products then check out my site 🙂

Thanks for the read guys 🙂

Stay at home mom bound;)

How do people feel about network marketing companies ?

I am a distributor for IT WORKS which is a company that sells health,wellness and beauty products like that “crazy wrap thing”.

Now I was probably one of the biggest skeptics for network marketing in my eyes they were all pyrimade schemes until. . Well until I tried their products.

How many people have had a baby gained a ton of weight during pregnancy and then lost it all.. well I was one of those people 😦 you know that saggy stretch Marky skin you get when that happens ? Well my stomach was.literally rolls of it.. and then I tried the wrap. Let me tell ya that ultimate body applicator was a game changer for me. I kept my wrap on for 8 hours.. took it off and just like that most of my saggy skin was tucked in I couldn’t believe !!!!

So anyway that’s how I came into the network marketing game ! Well that’s one part of it . I tried a lot of their product and loved it.

But the biggest reason was my daughter. I was a single mom working as a psw from morning to night. I was home in time to cook dinner and put my daughter to bed and then back to work. I felt like daycare was raising my child and I was missing too much. So I thought you know what I’ve heard and read so many success stories of mommas joining this company and becoming top earning stay at home mom’s !! I couldn’t believe it and decided to just jump in !

And guess what friends .. it’s changing my life !! I’ve already cut back on my work hours and been home more for my daughter!!

So that’s just a little bit of what I do for a living and a bit of my story bur stay tuned for the juicey stuff :roll::roll::roll:

Thanks for the read guys 🙂

Cheers 😙😙😙IMG_20160303_160744